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Welcome to Accelerated English, part of Lakeside Languages.

Accelerated English helps language learners who want to learn as soon as possible.
  • Academic English
  • Business English
  • Technical and Professional English

Accelerated English is happy to accept new clients.
We look forward to helping you to achieve your language goals.

The steps are simple:
    Go to the
Contact page, the last page of this website.
    There, you can fill out the form.
    Add notes or a short description of your project.
    Include due dates and criteria, such as number of pages. 
    Include a short writing sample of about 100 words if you wish.
    Copy and paste your project.
    Submit the form.
    You will receive a reply as soon as possible regarding your request.
    The PROJECT ACCEPTANCE STATUS EMAIL will include a price. 
    If you agree to the price, pay by PayPal.
    We will begin your project.
Here are some general guidelines if you want editing and proofreading assistance:

  • Projects are priced per page.
  • Prices range from $35 to $100 per page.
  • The timeline is generally 2 weeks, starting with Accelerated English's email notification to you of acceptance to completion.
  • These are guidelines, not actual rules.
  • At an increased rate, we will consider rush projects.

Accelerated English does not write papers for language learners.
Accelerated English does help language learners with their writing.

All parties agree that Accelerated English only provides editing suggestions.
The final editing responsibility rests with the client.

We are glad for this opportunity to share our expertise in editing and writing skills.






Accelerated English can help you achieve your language goals and objectives ASAP!

At Accelerated English, we specialize in Reading and Writing Skills.

We are known for our Analytic Correction approach.

This learner-centered approach provides complete feedback regarding
a language task. The language learner decides how to use the feedback.

Decide if our Accelerated English curriculum is for you.
Explain what you want to
learn and why.
We will reply with recommendations for you.
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